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EZ Home Exteriors will help you select the best windows to fit your specific needs or budget.

EZ Home Exteriors installs a wide selection of custom replacement windows designed and manufactured specifically for each window or door opening in your home.

The options for vinyl replacement windows or wooden windows can be endless, but we will help you select the best windows to fit your specific need or budget. Even if you only have 1 or 2 windows to replace, we’ll visit you to provide an accurate and affordable quote.

Quality Window Options to Suit Any Need or Budget

Quality Materials

Choose from high-quality vinyl, wood or aluminum windows

Color Options

Make it subtle or make it pop. The choice and personality is yours.

Energy Efficient

High-performance Low-E glass, argon gas, krypton gas, and triple-pane glass.

Types of Windows

Double Hung



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More About Your Options

Vinyl vs. Wood And Aluminum
Vinyl is a better insulator than wood or aluminum. It doesn’t conduct heat or cold like aluminum – a major source of lost heating/cooling energy. And, it doesn’t swell and shrink like wood when temperatures change. It never needs painting and won’t show scratches, unlike aluminum or wood windows. Vinyl replacement windows are the most popular with our customers in the Pittsburgh area.
The higher the R-value number is, the greater the insulation value. The type of glass, thickness, number of panes, distance between the panes, how the panes are connected, and the frame all affect the R-value performance of the window. Pittsburgh can be very cold in the winter, so it’s important to select a window with a high R-Value.
This is a standard measure of heat transfer through an entire window unit. The lower the U-factor the better the window’s insulating ability. Look for windows with low U-factors and high R-values.
Low-E Glass
There are two major types of Low-E (the ‘E’ stands for emissivity) glass: hard-coat and vacuum-deposition. Both types block radiant heat, keeping summer’s heat outside and winter’s heat inside. And both block the sun’s rays to some degree. We recommend multi-layer, vacuum deposition Low-E glass because they have better visual clarity.
Argon or Krypton Gas
Air between the panes of insulating gas can be replaced with high-density Argon or Krypton gas. This process provides windows with a both increased energy efficiency and increasing sound deadening properties. Both Argon and Krypton are safe gases that occur naturally in our atmosphere. But, because of their density, heat and cold do not pass through these gases as easily as through air. The most energy efficient windows we offer include Argon or Krypton gas with Low E glass.

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We are certain that we can provide you with the best options and installation in the area.

EZ Home Exteriors is the pioneer in the region for the NO Deposit policy. We get paid when the work is complete.


EZ Home Exteriors is able to provide you a detailed proposal to install new siding on your home without you even being home. Why sit through a lengthy sale presentation when we can measure and send you a proposal leaving the color choices blank?

It is our pleasure to come back to your home for a 2nd visit to discuss colors and profiles.

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